Patented Double Roller Brushes

Double roller brushes enable twice the scrubbing power in less time. Clean both dry and wet spills leaving a clean finish.

Forward and Backward Power-Assist

Unique tow-way power-assisted design. Push and pull with effortless control.

Clean dry and wet mess with ease

Patented double roller brushes draw in wet and dry spills while leaving a perfect, clean finish.

One-touch Self-cleaning with Patented Automatic Hair Cutting

Just return to the base to start self-cleaning. Innovative automated technology includes a hair cutting and brush cleaning system for a complete device clean.

Powerful battery life for 44 minutes of cleaning

The UWANT X100 uses 8 high-end 4000mAh batteries with a 115.2kW.h storage capacity giving you more cleaning time for your whole house. 3-hour ultrafast charging means you’re ready for what life throws at you next.

600ml Clean Water and Waste Water Tank

Equipped with 600ml clean water tank and 600ml waste water tank, there is no need to pour out water and add clean water frequently during cleaning.

Easy one-touch start

Start easily with one-touch with no need to use your feet. The unique wide body design allows you to leave the UWANT X100 upright and pause at any time during cleaning.

Intelligent Dirt Sensing

Intelligent built-in infrared sensors detect the dirt levels in real-time and automatically adjust the water volume and suction for the best clean.

Voice-assisted Genius

The UWANT X100 lets you know when it's ready to go. Voice-assisted prompts let you know what's happening at each step of your cleaning journey from start-up to clean up.

360° flexibility for tricky spots

360° free twist and effective dual-shaft design make it easier to clean your room corners, places around tricky table and chair legs.

LED Smart Screen with Cleaning Status at a Glance

High-definition LED screen intuitively displays your cleaning mode and other settings.

Wet suction in front, dry wipe at the back

Double roller brushes are more powerful and clean more thoroughly. Say goodbye to the traditional repeated push and pull cleaning.

Why you need a all in one wet-dry vacuum cleaner and mop

Meet the cleaning needs of different scenes such as bathroom water stains, kitchen grease stains, living room residue.

What's in the box

Main Unit:*1
Smart base:*1
Power Adapter*1
Roller brush*1
Measuring cup*1
Cleaning fluid*1
Cleaning tool*1

Unboxing and installation video

How to use UWANT X100

How to maintain UWANT X100


Patented double roller brushes


Patented hair cutting device


Long battery life


600ml clean water and waste water tank


Intelligent dirt sensing


Start without foot stepping


Product Dimensions:

282*246*1139 mm


Battery Capacity:




100-240V~, 50/60Hz, 1.5A





Size of clean water tank:



Roller style:

Dual Roller Brush


Rated voltage (V):



Size of dirty water tank:



Noise Level:



Charging time:


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the differences between UWANT X100 and other vacuums?

UWANT patented double roller brush system, the front roller brush scrubs the floor and the rear roller brush wipes the floor, which can form a water film and dry quickly. The base has an original hair cutting function that prevents hair from entangling on the roller brushes.

What scenarios would I use a wet dry vacuum for?

The grease stains on the kitchen floor, the snack residue left by the children in the living room, and the water stains and hair in the bathroom, basically all the scenes that need to be cleaned at home can be satisfied. Use with cleaning solution for better results.

What kind of floors can this machine be used on?

UWANT floor vacuum can be used to clean all kinds of floors, including tiles, wood, etc. Different floor conditions may have a certain impact on the cleaning effect. It is not recommended for use on carpets or outdoors.

Does it suck up large pieces like cereal, dog food, etc.?

X100 can handle small amounts of large garbage with ease. If a large amount of large waste is sucked, it may cause a blockage of the pipes.

What is the difference between the three cleaning modes?

Smart mode automatically adjusts the suction power and water output according to the degree of ground dirtiness; dry suction mode vacuums alone without water.

User Manual

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