X100 UWANT Cordless All-in-one Floor Cleaner

Let's Answer Your Questions

Unable to start self-cleaning

1. The wastewater tank is or nearly full, or the clean water tank may be empty; add water or cleaning fluid to the self-clean mark; the machine is not placed on the charging stand correctly;

2. The battery may be run out. The battery level must be at least 20% to use self-cleaning. If the battery is too low, place the machine on the charging stand for charging.

The roller brush stops roatating

1. The roller brush is entangled with objects such as hair, and needs to be cleaned and re-installed;

2. During self-cleaning, the cutter motor does not cut off the entangled hair, so it is required to take out the roller brush, cut off the hair with the multifunctional brush, and then install the roller brush

The machine leaks water

Confirm that the machine is turned off, the clean water tank may not be placed correctly, and the water tank needs to be completely fixed.

The roller brush suddenly stops working

The roller brush is wrapped by foreign objects. 2. The belt falls off or breaks.

What's in the Box

Main Unit

Upper cover of wastewater tank

Roller brush

Solid state separator

Smart base

Roller brush

Cleaning fluid

Power adapter

Measuring cup